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Mercer 44 Sailboats

This website is for tracking the Mercer 44 sailboats and for owners to share information with each other. The Mercer 44 was designed by William H. Tripp and built initially by the Mercer Reinforced Plastics in Trenton, NJ (1960-1962) and now Cape Cod Shipbuilding in Wareham, MA (1965-present).

Mercers are considered by their owners to be some of the prettiest boats on the water. Certainly the combination of sailing performance (full keel) and lines puts them in a class by themselves. Many owners tell stories of other sailors coming by to admire their boats or to tell them of their memories of once sailing or racing on a Mercer.

Although a number of Mercer owners have contributed to this site, I'd like to specifically thank Ellen Messick and Floyd Hollister for their time, research, and significant contributions. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute to these pages.

Builder Hull Year Name Owner Port Rig Details
1 1960 Aurora Rosina David & Sandra Gebow Oriental, NC   Details
2   Rani H. Roy Elliot, Jr. Berkeley, CA   Details
3 1961 Fred L. Baker David Kent South Freeport, ME Yawl Details w/ Pix
4 1961 Sea Fever Bill Lonigan Emeryville, CA Sloop Details w/ Pix
5 1962 Winsome June & John Downs Portsmouth, RI   Details
6 1962 Spirit Floyd Hollister &
Ellen Messick
Chesapeake Bay Sloop Details w/ Pix
Cape Cod
1 1965 Wandering Aengus Chris Crowley &
Hilary Cooper
Southwest Harbor, ME Sloop Details w/ Pix
2 1965 Gibbor Sailing Anonymous Rio Dulce, Guatemala   Details
3 1966 Winsome L. T. Lilliston Newport, RI /
Marion, MA
Yawl Details w/ Pix
4 1968 Odyssey Watson Family Marion, MA Yawl Details w/ Pix
5 1969 Skylark Marylin Decker Oxford, MD   Details
6 1978 Synia Charles G. Struthers Woburn, MA   Details
7 1980 Afterglow Bob Rouner Houston, TX   Details w/ Pix
8 1982 Mariah Ed & Joan Gorman Chesapeake Bay   Details

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